D. Michael Mahan, M.D., FAAFP

D. Michael Mahan, M.D.

FAAFP Board Certified

Family Practice

Dr. Mahan's first delivery..

Dr. Mahan's first delivery..

Practicing Medicine Only?

Practicing medicine in Granville County for 35 years, Dr. Mahan's mission … not to just improve the quality of his patients health, but help them live better lives …  has been his mantra.

Legendary in His Own Time

He has treated multiple generations of local families in this area. Actually, if you talk to enough people, you will hear stories about him, like  the one about him walking to a child's house on Christmas Eve to treat a Strep Throat, or the emergency room situation where a whole family was exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning but the grandmother refused to come to the ER.  So Dr. Mahan got his doctor bag and went to her house to make sure she was going to be okay.

Above and Beyond ….

Awarded the "Essential Piece Award," the highest level of recognition from the Granville Health System to team members that demonstrate outstanding performance by going above and beyond their normal responsibilities to make a positive impact.   Click here to read the newspaper article about Dr. Mahan's award received in December 2008.

He is Not A Follower

Dr. Mahan takes pride in being one of the very few independent practices left in the area that is not owned corporately, as well as he is also quick to mention that he cares for his patients in the hospital - whereas current practice seems to dictate that doctors are seemingly randomly assigned to hospital patients now, whether they know them or have knowledge of their medical history or not.

Dr. Mahan also takes his patient's calls 24 hours a day - there is no answering service to go through.  You call, leave your number and you will talk to him.

Delivering a Baby will Make You Believe in Miracles

In addition to complete family medical care,  Dr. Mahan still occasionally delivers babies.  He believes it is a very important job to bring new life into the world.

Dr. Mahan is also fluent in Spanish.